Fanpicks - Affiliate Program
Are you interested in becoming a FanPicks affiliate but still have some queries? Check out our FAQ section where we provide additional answers to typical affiliate questions.

What is the FanPicks Affiliate Program?

At FanPicks our affiliates count among website, blog, forum, YouTube channel, social media and other high-traffic destinations having the unwavering passion and focus to help promote FanPicks` unique contests, promos and products to their audience and earn industry-leading uncapped commissions.
A laser-focused marketing strategy coupled with the continuous creation of innovative promotions and a well-stocked depository of best-in-class marketing tools, advertising creatives all reinforced by the high-monetization capacity of our real money gaming platform lead to turn your referral traffic into huge industry-leading commissions. Our affiliate model is extremely lucrative and easy Join - Refer - Earn Cash. Fanpicks will payout commissions for every player that signs up and ultimately deposits via your links. As an affiliate, you will share in the revenue from that player every time deposit and they enter a pay for play contest.

Is there a cost for becoming an affiliate?

Absolutely not! We qualify all potential affiliate candidate requests and choose those that best meet our partner criteria.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

That depends on how passionate you are to earn money. At FanPicks, our affiliate commissions are uncapped, and the revenue share system works on tiers depending on how much revenue you produce. To this end, the more qualified traffic you generate to FanPicks and higher it converts into paid players the greater the amount of new and recurring commissions you earn.

How are my commission earnings determined?

For every traffic referral sent to FanPicks by way of your site links and who then deposits money to play - will earn you a share in affiliate commissions from cost of the entry fee. Our commission rates are determined based on a tier platform; enabling you to earn between 20% to 35% of net revenue earnings. In on order, to qualify for these rates an affiliate partner must refer FanPicks with two (2) new depositing players per 30 days; otherwise your revenues share will revert to the 20% tier.

How do I monitor and track both my signups and their associated earnings?

In our drive to be the technologically advanced, secure, reliable and most innovative destination within the DFS Industry, FanPicks integrates a powerful tracking software engine that provide banner click-thru rates and sign-up updates in "real time".

Each of our affiliate partners is given an Affiliate ID which encompasses their personal profile information. Once referral traffic from your site registers at FanPicks as a new member, they are identified and permanently enumerated under your affiliate profile, with all deposits accredited to your commission structure. FanPicks allows our affiliates to log into a dynamic and intuitive user interface to monitor and track your referral traffic and associated commissions.

How do I access and post FanPicks marketing promos and banner creatives on my site?

FanPicks has streamlined and simplified the process enabling affiliate partners to access and quickly upload all high-impact marketing promos and banner creatives.

Simply log into your affiliate account and click on the Marketing Tools tab where you be able to retrieve codes for any of your promotional material. Once you choose the promotion material... simply copy and paste them directly onto your website.

Is there a limit to the number of players I can sign up?

You can recruit as many players as you want. However, high-monetization capacity of our real money gaming platform cannot guarantee how many signups you will gain, as there is such a wide range in the size and quality of our affiliates partners

I can't seem to log into my affiliate account?

First off, make sure that you are properly logged into the FanPicks Affiliate Program. Then make sure you have entered the correct personal log in credentials. Should you still be unable to log on, please contact our affiliate support for more personalized assistance.

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